Saint-Pol-de-Léon : City of art and history...

Along the coast of a charming bay, three spires stand out. A majestic cathedral surrounded by fertile land, men and women with an adventurous spirit, this is where the story begins…

Religious art sculpted the outlines of this former bishopric. The cathedral, the chapels, the bishop’s palace… all around, the stone  raises and underlines the fervour of its builders. Private mansions with elegant sculptures, manors and exceptional houses punctuate majestically the streets and passageways of the historical centre.

Streets overlooking the sea

Sitting on the edge of Pempoul bay, the town seems to have its roots there. Its little harbour, its beaches and coastal path are an invitation to stroll. All its tracks and paths naturally lead from the historical centre to this magnificient bay, which hosts an exceptionally rich seabird sanctuary.

Saint-Pol-de-Léon is in the heart of the leading market gardening region in France. A rich soil and suitable climate favour the growth of artichokes, cauliflowers, romanesco, brocoli, salads, carrots…


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