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As a fishing guide, I will teach you different fishing techniques and how to master your fishing skills whether you prefer traditional fishing with live baits or with lures.

Jump onboard at the famous deepwater marina in Roscoff, The Bloscon, for an easy and safe departure from the jetty at all states of tide. I welcome beginners and advanced anglers (over 6 years old) onboard a RHEA 750. I will provide you with fishing tips and techniques to help you maximise your time on the water next time you’re going fishing on your own. You’ll discover the spectacular setting of the Baie de Morlaix and you’ll go home with a in-depth understanding of the marine environment and sustainable fishing. Fishing gear, baits and lures included.

Spoken languages : French


Base rate : 250,00 €

Children’s rate : 80,00 €

Base rate : 150,00 €

Base rate : 110,00 €

Base rate : 120,00 €


Port de Plaisance
Port du Bloscon
29680 Roscoff

Tel. 06 66 10 51 52


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