Dolmen de Kerangouez


The dolmen of Kerangouez, is also known as the dolmen of Kérivin, meaning in Breton “stone table”.

The field where it stands figured in the land registry under the name of PArc ar C’héo “the field of the cavern” and was part of a much bigger structure. The large stone slabs of the top were covered with soil and stones and formed a tumulus (similar to the Cairn de Barnenez). There was a corridor inside the dolmen and a 5-meter chambre almost perpendicular to it. The corridor was at the side entrance and served as a sepulchral chamber. It dates back to the Neolithic period (the new stone age – 5000 to 2000 BC). This 5000-year-old dolmen testifies to the presence of an ancient community in the area. Until the 20th century, many other menhirs and dolmens were present in Saint-Pol-de-Léon. The dolmen of Kerangouez has been registered Historical Monument in 1909.


Lieu Dit Pors Doun
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon

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