Les Jardins de l’Evêché


At the time of the Count-Bishops of Léon, and until the French Revolution, the bishop’s garden extended over almost 1ha96 ares covered with over 900 trees !

North of the garden stood the convent named “Dames de a Retraite”, and to the east was the Ursulines building.

Aside from its function to charm, there was a stud farm, and a part of the park was devoted to planting new experimental vegetables. It is believed that the artichoke was born there in the Léon area. Duing the 18th century there was a layout of a cheker-board made from four squares centred around a fountain.

In 1835, the episcopal palace and the park became state property and the bishop’s estate became a public walkway in 1844. It was transformed into an English-style garden and there is even a velodrome.

The trees were auctioned off as a result of the considerable development in market gardening, and the area became the agricultural market square in 1927. It was only in 2009 that it became a place to stroll in once again.


Place de l’Evêché
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon

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