Monument aux morts du Cimetière


The Chapelle de Saint Pierre is an ancient church of one of seven parishes of Minihy-Léon, it dates back to the Middle Ages, althought it was completely modified around 1770.

Originally in the form of a latin cross, the 15th-century nave has been amputated from its two wings. The Brotherhood of Trépassés, founded in 1533, was based here. Their work was to save the unfortunate and pray for the deceased. And today, with modern stained-glass windows, it houses the funeral services.

There were a number of chapels around the cemetery which have since disappeared ; Saint-Jean, Notre-Dame of the Ladres (of the Lepers), Notre-Dame of Comfort (of Consolation), Sainte-Catherine… Thirtheen reliquaries or ossuaries were to be found along the outer wall. Skulls of the deceased were placed here whilst the other bones were disposed in a common grave. Nine have been conserved and, on one of them, it is possible to make out the gothic inscription and the date of 1500.

Under the Old Regime and until 1709, a wooden bird or “papegay” was attachd to the top of the bell tower, on the first Sunday in May… “Papegay” is the olf french word for parrot. Archers were invited to a cross-bow shooting competition to shoot down the bird and the winner was called “the King of the Papegay”.


Cimetière Saint Pierre
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon

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