Vezen Dan, ancienne maison de pêcheur


Legend says Paul Aurélien, a Welsh monk and the first bishop of the city, found a very tall and old oak tree here which had been worshipped by pagan cults.

He had the tree cut down and a swarm of bees were discovered inside. There were so many bees and honey that it was possible to form several hives. The road attests to the memory of this tree, as it is called “Ar Wezenn Dan”, Breton for “The Sessile Oak”.

This episode is given as the origin of bees in the area. “Ar Wezenn Dan” was the object of a cult but so that nobody would miss the tree, Paul Aurélien distributed the swarms to ensure that there would be descendants. This also explains the presence of bees on the cupboards of certain and the ancient families of the Léon nobility.


Rue Vezen Dan
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon

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